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Shepherds to heal and lead into freedom 


Dal & Jeanne Grubbs

Pastor Dal is our Senior pastor. He has been involved in many different areas of ministry for over 30 years. It quickly becomes evident that Dal is a natural father-type. He is also very gifted in teaching and discipling others in the Rabbinical tradition of Jewish culture. Learn more from Dal here in the Sermons archives.


Jeanne is Dal's strongest supporter and our Women's Ministry leader. It's quickly obvious that she cares immensely for the people of their church.



Dathan Rye

Dathan and his wife, Monica, have been married for 26 years and have one daughter, Sara. They accepted Christ as children and have been involved in various areas of ministry in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Wyoming for over 20 years.

Dathan has spent many years in children's ministry and Monica in dance, drama, and women's ministry. Each have assisted the other in their areas of ministry and together have hosted Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage seminars. Monica also served our fellowship faithfully as Associate Pastor from 2018 – 2022. Sara has been a part of her parents' ministry involvement since she was born and is a great support and assistant.  They enjoy spending time together as a family, being outdoors, and caring for their animals and acreage.


Their heart is to give people a place to feel welcome and find a place of healing, peace, and equipping through Christ.

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